Chad’s 2004 Christmas Edition of  TVGuide.Com

Hello my FRIENDS & welcome to this special Christmas edition of Chad’s TV!!!

(Feel free to munch on some C.H.I.P.S or some M.A.S.H. Potatoes as I QUANTUM LEAP through my year)
Let me tell you about MY SO-CALLED LIFE or what I refer to as my continued WONDER YEARS.

After two years from concept & a lot of GROWING PAINS, the film… “Halfway Point” is complete. It was like fulfilling one of the greatest AMERICAN DREAMS! We almost didn’t get the movie done, but were SAVED BY THE BELL. It took many DIFFERENT STROKES to get to where we are today. There was some LAW & ORDER to the madness. I fell like I’m in 7TH HEAVEN seeing that finished product! The actual filming seemed so long ago that I feel like I’m in the TWILIGHT ZONE when I watch it. Parts of it are in black & white, but most of it is IN LIVING COLOR. It took more than a PARTY OF FIVE to make, but in the end, it took THREE’S COMPANY to edit. You can call us the A-TEAM. Visit our site @

The “Halfway Point” premiere will be in January 2005 – our current DATELINE. Everyone will be able to afford the tickets because we will make sure THE PRICE IS RIGHT! So stay tuned & keep your weekends open as most likely we will have a showing on some SATURDAY NIGHT (LIVE). We hope to have a FULL HOUSE that night. It is longer than SIXTY MINUTES, ninety minutes to be exact. The main FEAR FACTOR now is that people won’t like it, but I must have HOPE & FAITH! After the premiere, we will be searching for film festivals to submit it to all over the country, maybe DALLAS, LAS VEGAS, & ROSWELL.

In October, we had a film in the Hot Shops Film Festival called, “Aisle to Aisle”. It is a film about PERFECT STRANGERS who (may or may not) meet in a grocery store. We won third place in our category. It will appear in the Central Nebraska Film Festival along with “Halfway Point” in Kearney in late January.

I am still living in Omaha & working in marketing at Niche Commerce - an online retail company. I’ve been house searching & hope to get one someday soon, maybe one with a WEST WING & hopefully something without a lot of need for HOME IMPROVEMENT. After all, I’m trying to create my own DYNASTY.
Health is good, no trips to the ER (knock on EVERWOOD).

Even though I work at Niche Commerce, I’m still MOONLIGHTING as an author. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with my novel, just a bit more NIP/TUCK. I feel like it is my TRU CALLING. Pretty soon I’ll be putting on my SCRUBS to begin promoting it. Next time you are on the Internet, bookmark & I will let you know where & when you can pick up a copy! THE BRADY BUNCH, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, & THE FLINSTONES all say it is good! I hope it becomes AMERICA’S MOST WANTED book or just very POPULAR. Be sure to order a copy or copies right away to get an EARLY EDITION & JUST SHOOT ME a line to let me know you picked it up. This could be my WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

Went to Savannah in May & visited Tybee Island too, it was no BAYWATCH, more like GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. It is a place I hope to return to soon!

Remember that FAMILY MATTERS & it is important to keep good FAMILY TIES. Knowing THE FACTS OF LIFE will help you keep a SIMPLE LIFE. Must I say, “FATHER KNOWS BEST?” I hope you were in some way TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL this past year as well as in the years to come.
You only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE, so live it to the fullest.

HAPPY DAYS & GOOD TIMES ahead! – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! CHEERS!!!